New breed, new librarians

We are the new breed, we are the future!

I have almost finished reading The Atlas of New Librarianship by David Lankes – I am now on the final pages about education and training of the new librarians for the new librarianship. It may be the power of Lankes’ rethorics, or the fact that lately this is a very hot topic to me, but in a rapture of elation I felt just like this:

Lankes will be in Rome next november 18th, speaking at the National AIB Congress. I had the chance to read his talk, and I can confirm it will be very interesting to listen to him talking about change, mission, a new vision requiring responsibility and raising of expectations. I hope his words will help to take some italian librarians out of the quaint and static attitude that we often have.

I said that this is a hot topic for me now. These are the last days of my master: Parma semester is now at its ending. I still have a one-month internship, then 5 months to write my thesis, but the big deal is now behind me, and it’s time to say farewell to friends. Reading now these last pages I really feel like at the end of a cycle, one and a half year spent to think and learn about our profession, working on the training of a new librarian.

We are the new breed! We are the future!

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    • avatar FraEnrico scrive:

      :) e’ stato un super piacere! Ma la traduzione avrebbe dovuto circolare al convegno, non e’ stato cosi? In ogni caso verra’ pubblicata sul prossimo bollettino AIB se non sbaglio. Aspetto di leggere le vostre opinioni sull’intervento!

  1. sì, sì, ha circolato al convegno e credo con gran soddisfazione dei presenti. In qualche modo la pubblichiamo. Grazie ancora e.. bel pezzo (musicale!)

    • avatar FraEnrico scrive:

      Bene, sono contento. Non è ancora chiaro cosa ne sarà del testo, in realtà, a parte la pubblicazione sul Sole. Tu se puoi spingi in ogni caso ;-) Grazie come sempre, verrò sul tuo blog a commentare

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